№ 4  (214) / 2019



Bobkov, VN, Bobkov, NV
Informal Employment: Identifying, Place and Role, Vectors of Transformation. A Discourse at the 14th Annual International Conference of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (EN RLMM) (Moskva, 3–4 October 2019)

Migranova, LA, Popova, RI

Impact of the Minimum Wage on Wages and Wage Inequality in 2019

Zlenko, YeG

Development of the Mechanism for Regulating Low Income from Employment as a Trend of Increasing the Living Standards of Population of the Russian Arctic

Alikperova, NV, Vinogradova, KV

Financially Competent Behaviour of Russian People: Factors of Forming

Chernykh, EA

Unconditional Basic Income: Public Opinion Attitude and Financial and Economic Aspects of Implementation

Yelizarov, VV,  Arkhangel’skiy, VN,  Dzhanaeva, NG
Differentiation of Assessments of Significance of Measures of Assistance to Families with Children

Poluyanov, VP, Poluyanov, YeV

Influence of Urbanization on Improvement of Housing Fund in the Russiyskaya Federatsiya


Radchenko, OA

The Quality of Education at a Key Factor of the Population’s Living Standards (Exemplified by the Statistical Analysis of the Canadian Education System)

Kuklin, AA,  Tsvetkov, AI, Ypaneshnikova, DS, Korobkov, IV

HIV / AIDS as a Threat to the Demographic Security of the Region


Pylkin, AA,  Sokolova, NA

The Problem of Identity of an Informatized Person by the Viewpoint of Intertextualism


Subetto, AI
A Word about Svyatoslav Ivanovich Grigoriev.

The rules on the completeness of manuscripts and their design for publication in

the journal «The standard of living of the population of the regions of Russia»

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